Dugi otok – Sakarun – Molat Tour

A full-day boat tour with a real gastronomic adventure, including snorkeling at a location of shipwreck St. Michelle, boat ride through dolphin habitat, swimming at the famous Sakarun beach and visiting the island of Molat.


10-12 hours


15 people


private or shared


boat ride, food & selection of drinks


April - October

This AdvenTOUR takes you on a full-day tour of some of the most famous locations in Zadar archipelago. It includes a boat ride through dolphin habitats, snorkeling at the location of the shipwreck St. Michelle, swimming and lunch directly in the famous Sakarun Bay on Dugi otok and visiting a village of Molat on the island of Molat.

The crystal clear sea, fabulous colours and countless fish, make the surroundings surreal, such that you could more easily place it in some tropical sea rather than the Adriatic. You will enjoy beautiful landscapes, crystal blue sea, picturesque islands and villages and amazing marine life. You will be able to dive and swim directly from the boat, in private and secluded coves.

wine glass



st. Michelle

tranquil bay




Local Delicacies

The tour includes coffee, breakfast and lunch, freshly prepared on board. Lunch consists of a variety of fish and meat dishes, side dishes and salads. Our captain designs lunch for each tour, depending on the currently available food and seafood selection.

The tour starts in Privlaka, where we start the morning with coffee and breakfast. We then continue our boat ride across the canal and through the dolphin habitat, towards Dugi otok and our first location - the shipwreck St. Michelle. There you will have the opportunity to dive, explore the remains of the wreck, and most of all – enjoy the beautiful scenes of the turquoise sea, fish and the rich underwater world.

After visit to the ship St. Michelle, we head towards Sakarun beach where we anchor directly in the Sakarun bay. There you will have a full 3 hours of enjoying swimming, sunbathing and diving while the boat crew prepares your lunch. After lunch you can take a short break with a glass of a good wine, your favorite cocktail or afternoon coffee.

After lunch, we take a short boat ride to the island of Molat and the town of Molat, where we dock directly in the port. It is an opportunity to visit a classic Dalmatian island town, buy souvenirs, relax with a coffee in a local cafe or simply take a break from the sea and the sun.

The boat leaves for Privlaka around 6:00 p.m., and the return is scheduled for 8:00 p.m.